level: 333
class: high sorceress
species: night elf (shapeshifter)

a transmasc writer who practices druidry and paganism, hes an aspiring veternarian technician whos love for animals/bugs was influenced by their faith.

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    Offical OBOD site
    folklore.ee (not really witchcraft orientated but they have PDFs/blog posts that are extremely useful for spirituality)
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    I started practicing witchcraft around March-April of 2020, which was also around the time of my otherkin awakening. Since i started practicing, i worked with nature and the entities surrounding the nature elements, and during this time period i wasnt really sure what EXACTLY i wanted to do in my practice and what terms i should apply to myself. In the later months of 2020, i discovered Revival Druidism, and since then i practiced druidry as a sole part of my practice.

    Fast foward to present time, not only i practice druidry in solitare, but i also follow slavic, norse, and celtic paganisms, along with siberan and finnish folk magic.

    Prior to becoming a folk pagan druid, I was born-n-raised into a cult that they so-called an "Evangelical Christian religion," I will not name what this cult is as I suffered trauma from this cult. Even hearing the name from others gives me the chills. Because my parents are in this cult, my sister (who is a magician) and I cannot worship freely. However, we manage our own ways to slip past this hurdle.