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level: 333
class: gunslinger/warrior
species: night elf-xenomorph shifter

bio: a transmasc writer who practices druidry and paganism, hes an aspiring veternarian technician influenced by their love for animals (like most people who wanna get into the field, honestly).

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Existied Since: 12032003
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333 you are protected by the divine; you are safe 777

astro, blake, vulture, or woody


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contributed aesthetics: y2k fairy grunge, twilightcore, vulture culture, and crackhead

my interests are:
Movies: AvP (Aliens vs Predator), Aliens (Film Franchise), Predator, Twilight, Pans Labryinth, Vampire Hunter D, LotR/The Hobbit
TVs: Shadow and Bone, Devil may Cry, Castlevania, The Walking Dead, The Bastard and The Devil Himself
Games: World of Warcraft, Devil may Cry, FF7/15, Metal Gear Solid, Ponytown, Everskies, Lost Ark, The Endless Forest, 2000s-2010s browser games
Music: MCR, Crystal Castles, Deftones, MSI (just their songs, i do not support the band), Wardruna, Starset, Powerwolf, Mäneskin, Björk, Ayesha Erotica (again ,,,,, just the songs not the artist), That Kid, Playboi Carti, Machine Girl, Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, OSTs
Other: Dystopian, Gore, Kazuhira Miller, Vertebrae, Psychology, Kazuhira Miller, any science field related to space, BISCUITS AND GRAVY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Kazuhira Miller, Vouging