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class: gunslinger/warrior
species: night elf-xenomorph shifter

bio: a transmasc writer who practices druidry and paganism, hes an aspiring veternarian technician influenced by their love for animals (like most people who wanna get into the field, honestly).

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On 03162023: Thinking about it this page can be considered as journaling (im rambling atp)
On 03162023: I've been contemplating if i should start journaling, problem is what is really considered as "journaling" when i have a phone ????????????????????????? /sorta vague post (ive been mentally unwell these past several days)
On 03102023: My pinterest kinda feels messy/out-of-aesthetic and it make sme feel icky idk why
On 03102023: I got into contact with posionous white sap from a weed ,,,, uh oh (im ok though)
On 03042023: The country where i live is no longer safe for me anymore ,,,, thinking about the UK
On 01122023: trying out the pale moon browser !! its a 7/10 for me
On 01112023: just posted so many PNGs to my pinterest ,,,, #exhausted
On 01092023: just finished watching the first ep of rupaul's drag race s15 !! absolutely stanning robin fierce (as well a estitties, poppy, and sasha stan)
On 12212022: Happy Winter Solstice and great blessings to all : )
On 12142022: been thinking about vouging lately ,,,,
On 12022022: tomorrow for my birthday i'll be doing a self-experiment on my genderfluidity and how nature affects it, probably will make a page just for it !
On 12012022: need new headphones ,,,, bad
On 11272022: finished watching S1 of The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself, last ep almost made me cry !!!!
On 11142022: redid the entirety of my site ,,,,
On 11022022: real excited to finally have real bones on my hands, they'll be coming my way soon. Will be posting pics !
On 10312022: Got a new laptop ,, hurray !
On 10292022: Had my grad pics taken today !!! there was cake : ) (it was red velvet, my favorite)
On 10212022: I've been feeling great lately !!! went outside to collect acorns < 333
On 10092022: Last night was sorta difficult, heres what happend...
On 10062022: Hei !!!! first post here !!! currently did some adjustments around the site : ) !!!!
0n ????/??/?????????: time began here ....