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a transmasc writer who practices druidry and paganism, hes an aspiring veternarian technician whos love for animals/bugs was influenced by their faith.

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The Elven Star

** The Basics section were notes i had taken (and revised) from HEWAL's (High Elven Wisdom and Love) video on The Septagram (or Elven Star in faerie-faith) and how she works with it. **

The Elven Star or Faery Star is an acute heptagram, its seven points can represent different things for each individual practitioner. It can represent the seven days of creation from the Bible, the seven sins, seven virtues, the seven layers of heaven from the Quran, the seven layers of earth, the seven stars in the pleiades, the seven male and female valar and so forth. Commonly it represents the seven elements: earth, fire, air, water, light, life, and magic, or the directions: north, south, east, west, below and within. In Faerie-faith, The Elven Star represents the life qualities of the elves, faeries, and other fae spirits.

In the 80s, The Silver Elves brought the septagram into the neopagan faerie-faith, stating that they had communications with the earthen souls to bring forth The Elven Star to the neopagan faerie-faith. The Elven Star is also the official symbol for the Otherkin community, which if i can recall it was also introduced to the Otherkin community from The Silver Elves.

What The Elven Star Means to Me
I associate the Elven Star with both the elements and elemental aspects inspired by Kal'dorei culture.

Breaking Down The Personal Correspondences
  • Air: This aspect represents the energies of Aviana, a deity amongst the WIld Gods. She is the mother of harpies and birds, and a mistress of G'Hanir, The World Tree.

  • Moonlight: The Moonlight aspect represents the energies of Elune, The primary deity of the Kal'dorei. She is the personification of the Moon with associations of water. The light from Elune its believed to be a type of holy magic for its healing and purifying properties.

  • Nature/Earth: Personally i consider Nature and Earth the same. As with all elven species's, the Kal'dorei are tied very closely to nature, being able to coexist with majority of creatures along with having symbiotic relationships with the wild kin as we call them.

  • Water: The Water aspect is similar to the Moonlight aspect, though it brings properties of cleasning and restoration. Moonwells are upwellings of water that the night elves created for various magical things, suchs as: restoring a Kal'dorei's individual magical powers, easing pain and grief, offering protection against fire, purifying/cleansing a desceased Kal'dorei before burial, and blessing a Warden's arrows. Moonwells also serve as sacred reserviors from the Well of Eternity.

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