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level: 333
class: gunslinger/warrior
species: night elf-xenomorph shifter

bio: a transmasc writer who practices druidry and paganism, hes an aspiring veternarian technician influenced by their love for animals (like most people who wanna get into the field, honestly).

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ALIAS: Vulture
NAME: Vish'uva
- Vulture’s skin is a dark yellow-brown, being reptilian and clammy like most Yautjas texture-wise, with chest/pubic quills. Being ⅓ Xenomorph, its head shape is slightly elongated with mandibles and an inner jaw (though it does not function as a defensive weapon seen with Xenomorphs). His eyes are a squash yellow that stands out from his dark coloring, pupils are normal. Its dreadlocks are black w/ bone beads that Vulture carved himself, some of those beads have designs pertaining to certain events that happened to him, other bead designs may reference a person he had once in his life. Vulture’s build is a bit more slender than how bulky Yautjas are, fingers are also long and thin. Its tail is lengthy and extendable, tipped with a sharp blade.
a comparison to a 5'5 person and Vulture