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bio: a transmasc writer who practices druidry and paganism, hes an aspiring veternarian technician whos love for animals/bugs was influenced by their faith.

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05062023 was the day i started volunteering at my local shelter, i cannot say much as im still new. However, what i can say is that it has been changing me physically, emotionally, and mentally. 6 months from now, i will tell my full experience as a volunteer.

Below are the dogs that i've worked with since 05062023 and onward. New dogs will be added with every shift i do (max of 3 days (Saturdays and/or Wednesdays) per month), some may have photos, bios, or both
πŸͺΈ = Favorite
🐠 = Adopted

  • 🐠 Abby
    Abby was very skittish and was pacing around in the play yards since she had just arrived (On 05062023) at the shelter as a surrender. I only spent 5 minutes with her because at that time i wasnt sure why she acted that way. Later that day her temperment was a lot better and she was adopted on the same day.
  • 🐠 Cubby

  • D-F
  • 🐠 Eevee
    Eevee was really laid back when i hanged out with her. When a dog would come around on the other side, she would get excited to see the dog, i tried encouraging her to play but it seemed she wasnt interested on that day (05102023). I think she was adopted on the following day.

  • πŸͺΈπŸ  Fenwick
    Fenwick was the brother of one of my favorite dogs that i dealt with, who we will call Cody since he did not have a name at that time. Out of the two brothers, Fenwick was laid back than his brother (until he took a huge shit and got the after-poop zoomies). Other than that was really it ! really chill dude really happy he got adopted.

  • G-I
  • πŸͺΈπŸ  Gumbo
    Gumbo was the sweetest pit i've met so far as a volunteer. He was found a stray but i have a theory, from how Gumbo behaved towards me he must have been left abandoned somewhere and was found days later alone. In the play yard i would sit down on the turf and he would come running up to me, giving me kisses. On 05102023, i took him on a Lake Walk and on that day he wore an e-collar because he had been neutured recently, throughout the walk he would throw dirt in the air with his e-collar. There was also a demolition happening in front of the shelter that was also next to the lake (it was a whole different shelter that was runned by someone else, the building caught fire a couple-ish years ago). There were moments in the walk we had to stop so he can calm himself down, overall he was the sweetest and goodest pitty i met and i wished i had the chance to adopt him.

  • 🐠 Henney

  • J-L

  • 🐠 Nala
    Nala was a senior German Shepard that had lost toe toes in her front right paw and had many strange growths under her belly that i honestly thought she was a boy from how they looked. She would get excited when officers past by the play yard, he also really loved water !!!

  • P-R
  • Posie
  • πŸͺΈπŸ  Papi
  • 🐠 Rex

  • S-U
  • πŸͺΈπŸ  Scooby

  • V-X

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